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The Beauty of Sekoah Waterfall, North Lombok

North Lombok, bukadikit.co– North Lombok has a very great potential in tourism industry. Besides having lots of beautiful beaches, forests, and exotic undersea panorama, it also has many beautiful waterfalls that can amaze every eye seeing it. One of those is Lokok Sekoah waterfall which is located in Leong Timur, Tegal Maja Village, Tanjung District.

What makes this place beautiful is the waterfall that falls from 3 meters high and is separated by a big stone, so it becomes two beautiful-identical waterfall with the same size.

Every visitors who come to this place not only can see and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, but also can swim and enjoy the clear water of the river with a beautiful green tosca color.

Besides, for those who love taking photography, this place is also recommended since it has several selfie spots. You not only can take selfie in the middle of the waterfall, but you also can pose in the big swimming pool and stones that exist there.

For you, who are interested to visit this place, you only need to continue your trip about 30 minutes from Tanjung, the capital city of north Lombok. You can take your way to Lading-Lading, and go ahead until you find a big gate written “Wisata Lokok Sekoah”.

From this gate, you will begin your journey to this beuatiful waterfall. You just need to go straight about 5 minutes and then you will find the three junctions. Make sure you take the left turn and continue your trip about 20 minutes for reaching Leong Tengah.

Do not worry about the long of your journey, because within your trip, you will be accompanied by the beautiful panorama of green hills and exotic villages along the way.

Once you arrive Leong Tengah, you will see on the left side, there is a way of direction; please make sure you take the left road (the one which is smaller and rougher than the main road).

Even though reaching this place is easy, but you will find it challenging since the track is rather increasing your adrenaline. Please make sure you take your break of your motorbike all of the time, because the road is slippery when it’s rained season. If you want it to be more challenging and closer with the nature, you also can walk for reaching this place.

After you finish your challenging track, you will find the three junctions again, and please take the left one. Your challenging trip does not stop there; because you will also pass a small road where it has 1 meter wide. But, do not worry, since you will be amazed by the beautiful landscape of the forest.

After you arrive at the parking area, you will see the beauty of the green bamboo, kakao trees, coffee trees and beautiful pakis around the location. You will find it fresh and peace- this is so what we called: back to nature.

From this parking area, you still need to walk down the stairs about 4 to 5 minutes reaching the river and the waterfall itself. Once you arrive, you will see the beautiful of two waterfalls with the green tosca water. The fresh and the clear water will heal yourself, thus you will find the house longing.

Because of the beauty, this waterfall becomes famous and many visitors come to this place.

If you are interested to come, bukadikit.co will be ready as your travel guide friend. Stay tuned on the post and make sure you turn on the notifications so whatever new interesting info we post, you will get notified.



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